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Research on Physical Education of Individualized Development of Chinese Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.132


Zhiyan Liu, Hongbo Li

Corresponding Author

Zhiyan Liu


With the continuous deepening of the “new curriculum reform” in education, the physical education community has paid more attention to the development of students' personalities, and has gradually deepened the optimization of physical education teaching models. Then, in the process of physical education promoting the development of students 'personalities, how to create a high-quality physical education teaching model requires innovation in the personalized development of physical education in physical education, and only a high-quality physical education level can enhance students' comprehensive physical quality, to achieve the development of student sports personality. This article is based on the physical education model to discuss the development of students 'personalities, hoping to promote the development of students' personalities in sports


Optimization, Personality development, Physical education