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Discussion on the Efficiency and Quality Improvement of College Educational Administration

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.128


Jianyuan Liu

Corresponding Author

Jianyuan Liu


With the continuous deepening of education reform in my country, the level of education and teaching has been significantly improved. In order to meet the new situation of education development, maintain the order of education and teaching in colleges and universities, and ensure the continuous improvement of education and teaching, we must improve the level of education management. In the educational management of colleges and universities, educational administration is an important part, and the quality of educational administration directly affects the educational order and the quality of teaching in colleges and universities. College educational administration has the role of ties, organization, regulation and supervision. It analyzes the role of educational administration and combines the current problems in college educational administration to discuss strategies for improving the efficiency and quality of college educational administration under the new situation. Strengthen the teaching management of colleges and universities, and improve the quality of teaching management


College education administration, Quality improvement, Chinese college