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Research on Application Effect of Competition Method in College Sports Dance Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.119


Wu Tao

Corresponding Author

Wu Tao


The rise of sports dance in China is still short, but it has a strong influence, and it has gradually become the first choice for mass fitness. The value of sports dance is gradually integrated with the field of education. The article cuts in from the perspective of the use of the competition method in college sports dances, starting from the application advantages of the competition method, clarifying the specific application practice strategy, starting from the teaching objectives, teaching methods and teaching evaluation and other angles, and proposing specific feasible strategies and suggestions. Finally, the application of the competition method is used to test the application effect of the method in the sports dance course, which provides ideas for the innovation of college sports dance course


Colleges and universities, Sports dance, Competition method, Application effect