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Current Situation and Innovative Research on the Education of Foreign Students in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.118


He Wang, Wenxing Huang

Corresponding Author

He Wang


In the contemporary era, the education of foreign students in China has made great progress in terms of scale, quality and system construction. However, it cannot be ignored that problems such as structural imbalance, lack of functions, and quality imbalance have also occurred in the education ecology of foreign students in China, which has seriously affected the development of education for foreign students in China, and may even affect the entire education ecosystem and even social politics, economics and Culture, etc., creates a series of risks. According to the basic principles of ecology, establishing “ecological thinking” and strengthening “ecological governance” are two basic ways to solve the problems of education for foreign students in China. The former is to clarify the value of education reform for foreign students from the perspective of education development, while the latter requires “ecological governance” to realize the ecological optimization of education for foreign students. It includes: based on the basic laws of ecology such as “holistic association”, “dynamic balance”, “co-evolution”, and “education rhythm”, adhere to the principles of integrity, openness, and diversity; strengthen the system and The construction of relevant laws and regulations, vigorously optimize the internal and external environment of the education ecology of foreign students in China; improve resource integration, form a mechanism for coordinated governance and multi-party linkage of multiple subjects such as government, society and schools; strengthen quality monitoring, establish risk resolution, ecological warning and Structure-optimized security system


Foreign students in china, Education status, Improvements level