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Analysis on the Development of e-Commerce Tourism

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.114


Li Jingjing, Wang Xueqiu, Du Chunjing

Corresponding Author

Li Jingjing


With the rapid development of information technology and the popularization and application of the Internet, e-commerce has already entered the tourism field and become a new mode of tourism transaction in the e-commerce era. E-commerce tourism refers to the electronic implementation of all aspects of tourism business activities through advanced network information technology, including information release, marketing promotion, product reservation and the electronic internal management of tourism enterprises. The position and influence of e-commerce tourism in the tourism industry are also constantly improving, and gradually become the decisive factor in the reorganization of tourism enterprises and the reorganization of business flows. The future development of e-commerce tourism has unlimited potential. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the development of China's e-commerce tourism, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures on how to better develop e-commerce tourism in China, so as to meet the more rapid development of China's tourism industry


E-commerce tourism, Tourism, Network economy, Countermeasures