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Research on Group Counseling of College Students' Social Anxiety

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.113


Yanan Li

Corresponding Author

Yanan Li


Researchers have found that the fear and fear of social situations dominate and cover the entire adolescence, so the social anxiety of college students in adolescent weaning period also becomes a prominent problem. At the same time, college students are in a critical period of self-development, and their self-acceptance level has a profound impact on future development. The research on psychological characteristics and group counseling of college students with social anxiety is still an important issue related to college students' social interaction, mental health and self-development. However, the current investigation of the factors that influence college students' social anxiety, especially the research on the relationship between self-acceptance and the generation and maintenance of social anxiety is not enough, and the promotion of group counseling programs for college students in a critical period of self-development needs to be improved. Therefore, this article conducts group counseling research on college students' social anxiety


Group counseling, College students, Social anxiety