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Thinking of Transformation in Rural Space Environment in Jianghuai Region

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.111


Ma Yuan, Zhang Yushu

Corresponding Author

Ma Yuan


The reconstruction of traditional rural space environment is an inevitable trend after the city develops to a certain extent. The reconstruction of architectural image, the optimization and reorganization of space function and the reconstruction of traditional culture. This is an inevitable link in the road of rural revitalization. However, there are many problems in the existing urban and rural planning, architectural design and other methods, which make it impossible to implement the protection of many traditional buildings in the transformation of traditional villages. Starting from the traditional concept of our country's villages, this paper interprets the difficult problems in the rural reconstruction in Jianghuai region from the perspective of overall planning of urban and rural areas. Combined with the author's rural construction practice in Jianghuai region, it summarizes the strategies of traditional rural reconstruction such as “style continuation”, “tradition preservation” and “coping with changes”, which provide reconstruction ideas for rural construction


Reconstruction of rural space, Rural space crisis, Reform ideas