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Research on the Characteristics of Industrial Structure Evolution in Yunnan

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.110


Haiwen Long

Corresponding Author

Haiwen Long


The industrial structure represents the basic conditions of regional economic development. The evolution of the industrial structures and the upgrading of the internal structure of the industry are the main signs of regional economic development. It can be seen from the analysis that the pillar industries of Yunnan Province have transitioned from agriculture to industry, and have now entered the post-industrial stage, since the output value of the service industry accounting for more than 50%. But there is still a phenomenon of industrial structure deviation. The three industries have not exerted the best employment absorption effect. Therefore, increasing the output value of the tertiary industry, improving the efficiency of agricultural production, and improving the quality of industrial development are the inevitable requirements for the current optimization of industrial structure in Yunnan Province


Industrial structure, Regional economic development, Yunnan province