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Study on the Cost Control of Hotel Construction Projects Based on Full Life Cycle

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.108


Yingwu Liu, Chen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yingwu Liu


In today's era, various emerging disciplines have been developed, and project management theories and cost control methods therein have become increasingly mature in this context. Many scientific methods and theories have been gradually applied in practice. However, many scholars have focused their attention on the construction side in their research, but not on the user side. As we all know, most engineering construction companies are oriented to target profits, and the final user is passive in project control. When both parties deliver, they mostly focus on ex-post accounting and emphasize cost targets in isolation, which leads to overflow, therefore, project users must not only strictly supervise and review the budget and quotation form of engineering construction enterprises, but also form their own project cost control system, thereby reducing investment costs and reducing operating pressure after commissioning


Construction project, Cost control, Full life cycle