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Research on the Potential Impact of Osmotic Music Activities on the Comprehensive Development of Children Aged 3-6

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.101


Lei Liu

Corresponding Author

Lei Liu


Music is a dazzling pearl in the treasure trove of human culture. It exists in people's lives in different forms and styles, and its spread and development are inseparable from the role of music education. Especially for preschool children, in a critical period of intellectual development, correct music penetration can not only shape the character and aesthetic ability of students, but also affect their intellectual development, and play an important role in forming mathematical logical thinking and good artistic cells. This article analyzes the importance of music penetration on the intellectual development of pre-school children, discusses the effect of appropriate music penetration on pre-school children, and discusses the precautions when implementing music penetration on pre-school children aged 3-6, with a view to throwing a brick


Potential impact, Osmotic music activities, Comprehensive development, Children aged 3-6