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Practice and Innovation of Hybrid Teaching Based on Wechat “Rain Class”

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.100


Xuan Zheng, XiaoPeng Li

Corresponding Author

Xuan Zheng


The new education model of “Rain Class” launched by “Xuetang Online” in Tsinghua University has realized the perfect integration of PowerPoint and WeChat. Based on the teaching platform of “Rain Class”, this paper constructs a hybrid teaching mode based on “Rain Class”. Taking the course “Medical Computer Application” as an example, the implementation path of effective teaching is carried out for each link of the three-stage guidance of “preparation before class, teaching in class and review after class”. It realizes the functions of teachers pushing teaching contents, answering questions in real time, interacting with students on multiple screens, etc. It endows every link of “students before class-teachers in class-students after class” with a brand-new experience and expands the application of this course in the teaching field. Through the practice of “Rain Classroom” platform in the teaching reform of the curriculum, hybrid teaching can not only broaden students' knowledge and improve students' autonomous learning ability, but also promote the equality between teachers and students, realize real-time dynamic evaluation, and bring new development opportunities for education


Rain class, Mixed teaching, Mooc