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The Development of Implicit Debt of Local Government and the Countermeasures of Financial Institutions

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.096


Pang Chao

Corresponding Author

Pang Chao


On the basis of explaining the meaning of local government's implicit debt, this paper reviews its progress diachronically, and quantitatively analyzes the forming mechanism of the development of local government's implicit debt by constructing a model and explaining its indicators, explaining the source of data and making statistical description of variables. When dealing with the hidden debts of local governments, we should resolutely curb the increase of the amount of hidden debts and actively start to solve the existing hidden debts. According to this, this paper puts forward the coping strategies of financial institutions, analyzes the operational opportunities they have under the fine-tuning policies, and improves the risky access conditions


Local governments, implicit debt, financial institutions, coping strategies