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Study on the Innovation and Transformation Mechanism and Path of Jianghua Yao Nationality's “Inheritance” Tourism in the Post-Poverty Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.092


Tianhui Zhang, Qiaowei Li

Corresponding Author

Tianhui Zhang


The intangible cultural heritage of the Yao nationality is an important manifestation of the richness and diversity of the traditional folk culture of our ethnic minorities. The Yao village in Jianghua County, Guangdong, spreads Yao culture through verbal communication, performing arts, folk religious beliefs, and festivals and customs. However, with the change in people's production and lifestyle, Jianghua Yao's intangible cultural heritage is also on the brink of danger. It is hoped that this situation can arouse the attention of all sectors of society, especially the protection and construction of the cultural undertakings of ethnic minorities in underdeveloped areas, and strive for support and help from all walks of life through various methods and channels


Jianghua yao nationality, Inheritance tourism, Protection and application