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Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Fast Fashion Brand Zara Based on 4c Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.089


Lai Chunling

Corresponding Author

Lai Chunling


Fast fashion brands with “fast, fashion, affordable” three magic weapons to seize the market opportunities, opened up by the global consumer popular emerging clothing market. Although China's fast fashion clothing enterprises are aware of this market opportunity, there is still a big gap in marketing strategy compared with foreign fast fashion. In view of this, this paper takes ZARA, a typical representative of fast fashion brand, as an example, analyzes ZARA's marketing strategy with 4C marketing theory, summarizes the reasons for ZARA's success, and puts forward some useful Suggestions for China's clothing enterprises, hoping to provide some enlightenment and help for the development of China's fast fashion clothing industry


Fast fashion, Zara, 4c marketing strategy, Consumer demand