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Research on Primary and Secondary School Students’ Accident Insurance System of Campus Sports Activities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.088


Fangcheng Luo

Corresponding Author

Fangcheng Luo


With the development of Sunshine Sports Campaign in primary and secondary schools, due to students’ weak guard consciousness and poor self-protection ability, the accidental injuries of campus sports activities occur frequently, which brings students and parents with tremendous pain caused and put great pressure to the school. In order to avoid accidental injury, some primary and secondary schools limit or cancel the confrontational and risky physical activity, and even some schools reduce the time of physical exercise, while reducing the occurrence of accidents, it also makes the students lose more things, which influence the development of Sunshine Sports Activities in primary and secondary schools, and it also has already become a bottlenecks and the biggest obstacle for one-hour physical exercise daily. This paper adopts the literature, expert interviews, case analysis and other methods to study meaning, characteristics and types of primary and secondary school students’ sports injury insurance of campus sports activity and explore the definition, processing procedures and compensation principle of campus sports accidents in primary and secondary school, and it believes that it should establish campus sports accident insurance system in primary and secondary school, improve the awareness of parents to consciously participate in insurance, strengthen sports legislation, build the specialized insurance intermediary, and diversify the types of insurances. It resolves worries for schools and parents when encouraging students to participate in sports, and it also helps students more actively participate in sports and protect the healthy development of campus sports activities


Campus sports activity, Accident, Insurance system