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The “Golden Class” Design of College English Online Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.084


Wei Zhou

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhou


The construction of “gold courses” is the current hotspot in the field of higher education and the key to strengthening undergraduate education. Focusing on learning content is the basic principle of building a “golden class”. It requires teaching goals as the guide and dynamic adjustment according to different levels of goals; whole-brain teaching is the scientific principle of building a “golden class”. Channel information input improves the efficiency of cognitive processing and explores diverse teaching and learning methods. This paper proposes the design of the experimental teaching mode of college English “gold class”, the specific implementation plan of online construction of the network “gold class”, and applies this teaching mode to experimental teaching to verify its effectiveness in teaching practice and propose further the revised plan finally explored a set of operational college English “gold class” teaching models


University, English, Online teaching, Gold class