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The Research on the Construction and Management of “Double-Qualified” Teachers in Shandong Higher Vocational Colleges in the New Vocational Education Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.079


Jingfeng Xu, Hui Wang, Rui Wang, Mei Han

Corresponding Author

Jingfeng Xu


In the new situation of vocational education, all the higher vocational colleges must improve the students’ quality from the aspects of promoting the innovation of the talent training mode, establishing and perfecting the course system, building the “double-qualified” teacher group, improving the information level and strengthening the international exchange and cooperation. The level of the teachers has affected the quality of students’ training directly, and building a high-level “double-qualified” teaching force is the basic requirement for the construction of teachers in higher vocational colleges under the new vocational education situation. All kinds of vocational colleges should take this as an opportunity to meet the needs of such high-quality technical and skilled talents by strengthening the reform of education and teaching, striving for a high-level “double-qualified” teacher group, and ensuring the development of the whole vocational education and teaching under the current vocational education situation


The new vocational education situation, Shandong province, the “double-qualified” teacher group, Construction and management