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Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Tourist Destination Image from the Perspective of Tourists' Perception--taking Rizhao Shanhaitian tourist resort as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.072


Qinghua Zhao, Feng Shi

Corresponding Author

Feng Shi


With the development of new media, the image of tourism destination has changed from a marketing language from a single perspective to a deeper and richer perception of tourism destination image from a national perspective. In recent years, Rizhao Shanhaitian Tourist Resort has been applying for a national tourist resort, but its main image has not been formed. Based on the perspective of tourists' perception, this paper uses deconstruction and the theory of tourism destination image structure, and uses content analysis method to construct analysis categories and analyze cognitive images on the basis of high-frequency word analysis by ROST CM6. PAD model is used to analyze tourists' emotion, and semantic network analysis map is drawn to obtain the overall image perception of tourism destination. On this basis, this paper puts forward some suggestions and countermeasures for the image reconstruction of Rizhao Shanhaitian tourist resort


Network text, Tourism image, Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Rizhao shanhaitian tourist resort