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Code-Switching Used by Teachers for English Majors: a Sociolinguistic Analysis of Academic-Related Discourses in Chinese Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.070


Jingyan Cui, Pengpeng Lu

Corresponding Author

Pengpeng Lu


There is long research tradition analysing code-switching, although relatively little research focuses on academic-related discourses made by English Major teachers in Chinese universities. Addressing this gap, this paper analyses academic-related discourses on disciplinary studies and scientific researches made by English major teachers, to discover the peculiarity of code-switching in junior English classes Chinese universities, compared with that in other scenes. Focusing on classes where Chinese is predominant, and English is subordinate, the analysis provides evidences to prove that the types of code-switching in English class are mainly generated by motivations aimed at fulfilling its prospective functions in discourses. Also, associating current social attitudes on code-switching with a sociolinguistic insight, this paper suggests that code-switching should be used and treated properly. Finally, the paper points out its drawbacks on data collection and situation classification in the research process, followed by suggestions for future research


Code-switching, Sociolinguistics, Chinese universities, Discourses