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Analysis of the Effective Dissemination of Network Teaching Video

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.069


Jingru Liu

Corresponding Author

Jingru Liu


With the rapid development of information network, the field of education in society forms a new teaching tool based on the network- network teaching video. As a new teaching tool, due to its powerful interactive ability, unparalleled teaching advantages, quickly swept through the field of education, become the necessary tool of modern education. At present, the domestic research on network teaching video is not mature, many research literature is for the network teaching video of a single angle of discussion, lack of a relatively complete theoretical system. This paper will use the literature method, induction method, case analysis method from “what, why, how to do” three aspects of the effective dissemination of network teaching video research and analysis, and combined with some network video teaching platform specific cases, further enrich the theoretical and practical content, and build a rigorous and comprehensive theoretical system of network teaching video research, In order to promote the effective dissemination of online teaching video, improve the quality of teaching in the field of social education


Online teaching video, Effective communication, Education, Specific cases