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Focus on Social Sports Majors in Sichuan Province: Objectives, Models and Social Needs

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.068


Huhu Lian, Xiaowei Di, Cailian Lian, Jinkang Hou

Corresponding Author

Huhu Lian


In this paper, 17 colleges and universities in Sichuan Province which set up social sports specialty are selected; the orientation and training objectives, the curriculum and teaching mode, as well as the social demand and employment of these social sports talents training programs are analyzed in depth, trying to find out main problems existing in the social sports specialty in colleges and universities of Sichuan Province. Main problems include vague positioning, unclear training objectives, disordered curriculum setting, aging teaching mode as well as the large social demands and not high quality of employment


Curriculum reform, Development of the sports major, Higher education