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Characteristics, Components and Improving Suggestions of College Students' Leadership

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.063


Jianbo Fu, Dong Wang, Jingyuan Fu

Corresponding Author

Jianbo Fu


This paper analyzes three characteristics of college students' leadership: dynamic, developable and non-power influence. The paper also establishes a model of six core elements of student leadership, including trust, cognitive ability, perseverance, motivation, creativity and execution. Based on this model, the paper suggests that (1) improving leader's own judgment, insight, foresight, learning ability and systematic thinking, (2)improving leader's personal morality, cultivation, and creativity, (3) improving his/her imagination, critical ability, and driving members' innovation, (4) inspiring the confidence and determination of their members to achieve their dreams, (5) building a goal system and reconstructing new relationships between organizational resources, (6) enhancing leaders and members endurance and resilience and achieving self-improvement


College student, Leadership, Characteristics, Components