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Integrating Digital Literacies in English Language Teaching--Based on a Digital Storytelling Project in an English Writing Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.062


Huaming Feng

Corresponding Author

Huaming Feng


Digital literacy has become a heated topic in language teaching in recent years. Scholars and educators around the world have tried to adopt new technologies to increase teaching efficiency and effectiveness. Digital storytelling, as a promising teaching method greatly integrating digital technologies practices and language learning, embraces the art of telling stories via digital media such as pictures, audios and videos. While international educators have studied this method for a long time, research on this field in China still remains few at present. Therefore, this research conducted a digital storytelling project in an English Writing Course in a College of Southern China. Based on this, the paper aims at discussing the feasibility and effectiveness of applying digital storytelling in EFL Classroom in higher education


Project-based learning, Digital storytelling, Efl classroom, Language education