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The Research on the Changes of Chinese Enterprises' Innovation Factors under the Background of Industrial Convergence

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.059


Siyu Chen

Corresponding Author

Siyu Chen


Since entering the era of information development, a large number of high-tech information exchange technologies have been widely used in various industries. While promoting the economic construction and development of various industries, it has also promoted the establishment of effective information sharing resource platforms between different industries. The development of different industries has been gradually integrated through continuous exchanges and coordination, making the integration and development of industries a process of future social and economic development. In the mainstream, At the same time, with China's proposal on the “Internet +” concept, it has promoted the trend of industrial integration in various industries. Therefore, in order to adapt to the current market economic development pattern, promote the construction of enterprise Internet informatization, and enable enterprise innovation to grasp the existing opportunity to realize the growth of economic benefits of enterprises is a major issue on the road of future enterprise development


Industrial integration, Chinese enterprises, Corporate innovation, Innovation factors