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On the Cultivation of Talents through Integrating Scientific and Technological Achievements into the Teaching of Professional Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.058


Dongming Chen, Rui Su, and Ronghua Ma

Corresponding Author

Dongming Chen


Based on the idea of integrating scientific and technological achievements into curriculum teaching content and talent cultivation, this paper analyzes the implementation of curriculum teaching in detail from the aspects of curriculum theory teaching, practice teaching and teaching design; analyzes the talent cultivation mode from perspectives of industry development, teachers' teaching, students' ability and school-enterprise cooperation; evaluates the teaching process from aspects of modern teaching concepts, teaching and learning methods, as well as the cultivation of ability, emotions and values. In this paper, the author makes a systematic and in-depth study on the effects of scientific and technological achievements on the construction of professional courses and on the cultivation of applied talents, and puts forward the implementation plan.


Scientific and technological achievements, Course teaching, Talent cultivation