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Adaptability Analysis and Reform Path Research of Mechanism of the Development of Wisdom City

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.056


Kang Kang, Shao Zhanchi, Wang Dong

Corresponding Author

Kang Kang


With the steady progress of China's new urbanization construction, a series of problems are becoming highlighted such as environment, resource and energy and urban operation. Traditional way of infrastructure and urban management are hard to solve the urban development probleFGms scientifically and effectively. The construction of wisdom city is an effective way to deal with these problems based on the advanced information and communication technology in Internet of Things, the Internet, big data and cloud computing. Wisdom city has basic functions such as wisdom government affairs, intellectual traffic, wisdom health care, wisdom education and wisdom environmental protection. The development of Chinese wisdom city construction should pay attention to the top-level design, set up the system of the comprehensive coordination mechanism, improve the network information security of the legal system and provide guarantees for the independent innovation development of information technology industry.Wisdom city effectively combines with the Internet of things, the Internet and mobile Internet these information network, data as the core element of the city, and then to achieve the wisdom of life and intelligent of implementation technology, industry, service and management. The aim is people-oriented, the pursuit of coordinated development of economy, social and environment.


Wisdom city, Construction current status, Development strategy of wisdom city, The construction path