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Research of Tao Kingship School Management Thinking and realistic value

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.055


Yang Wen

Corresponding Author

Yang Wen


Tao xingzhi (1891-1946) is the great people's educators, education thinker and education reform practitioners; he is great patriotic, great democratic fighters and communist fighter. Tao's life had been engaged in a lot of education practice, forming the unique education theory and the education thought, his unique education theory laid in our country's history of Tao’s position, he is called “people's educators,” “eternal exemplary virtue” [1]in our country. Tao's not only a influence education thinker, but also he has rich experience in running the school administrators. His education management thought is a piece of beautiful gem in China's education heritage, but currently? There a few of about Tao xingzhi's thought in education management research achievements, and education theory research results not only quantity is less, and lack of systematic.


Tao’s education thought, Education management, School management