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A Study of Cultural Philosophy in the Reform of College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.054


Li Yan

Corresponding Author

Li Yan


This article will carry on the analysis of the present situation Chinese foreign language education, points out the problems of communication in foreign language teaching, Chinese China defects of students; explore the deep-seated causes of students' intercultural communicative ability in foreign language teaching; foreign language teaching has been a historical review of the experiences and lessons from the modern tendency of correct language theory; knowledge and language skills, language teaching and cross-cultural communication theory. This study from the evolution of social mainstream cultural values, higher education reform and development of teaching culture to the world, the Research Paradigm Perspective on the traditional college English teaching emphasizes the instrumental music teaching and neglect the humanities, advocating the integration of tool and humanities the factors, from the teaching objectives, contents, implementation and evaluation of the teaching of College English teaching picture construction from the angle of cultural philosophy, to provide quality The theory of quantity supports and improves the teaching level of College English. This study uses literature method, survey method, action research method, case study method, observation method, comparative study method and cross cultural analysis tool for College English teaching, College English teaching on the humanistic charm from the perspective of cultural philosophy, University English teaching objectives, contents and implementation issues are studied in-depth evaluation the. This paper analyzes the cultural philosophy, summarizes the evolution of the basic requirements of social and cultural values, the development of higher education in the world to pursue, clarify the transformation of cultural teaching research paradigm, and necessity of College English teaching from the perspective of cultural philosophy.


College English, Teaching reform, Cultural philosophy, Language teaching approach, Language humanity