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Research and Practice of MOOC Based Innovative Education in Universities under the Background of “Internet Plus”

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.052


Du Xiaochun, Meng Bo, Liu Lili

Corresponding Author

Du Xiaochun


In this era of “Internet plus”, how to integrate and use existing cyber source to develop online education has become a problem that all schools and teachers have to face. MOOC, as the product of “Internet plus education”, has gradually manifested its advantages in online education. As an indispensable part of college education, innovation education is very suitable for the online education of MOOC because of its characteristics of large number of students, high demand for teachers' resources, and wide range of knowledge involved in the cultivation of innovation ability. This paper expounds from three aspects: research background, educational practice and educational effect. In the part of educational practice, it introduces in detail how to make teaching objectives, reconstruct teaching content, build multi-disciplinary background teaching team, and mix teaching based on MOOC. The teaching activities based on MOOC have improved the number of educated people, improved the enthusiasm of students, and achieved better teaching results. This provides a reference for universities to carry out innovative education in Universities under the background of “Internet plus” based on MOOC.


Innovation education, MOOC, Online, Hybrid teaching