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Research on the Development Strategy of Sports Industry Based on Innovation Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.050


Ma Zhenke, Wang Hongquan

Corresponding Author

Ma Zhenke


With the development of economy, sports industry has become one of the global hot industry today, also is a new industry with fierce competition, open space and higher profit, etc. In social economy, its proportion has shown an increasing trend. How to plan sports science to be scientifically developed is the urgent problem needed to solve in the field. This paper firstly analyzes the current situation of sports industry development, and analyzes the characteristics of the development of innovation mechanism industry. On this basic, based on normality assumption environment, it builds the model of optimizing industrial development strategy under the innovation mechanism. Scientific development strategic decision of sports industry provides practice guideline to a certain extent for the healthy development of the sports industry.


Innovation mechanism, Sports industry, Development strategy, Interval test