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Study on the College Students' Consumption Concepts in the Internet Age

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.039


Yuntao Bai, Hao Wu

Corresponding Author

Yuntao Bai


Consumption is an eternal theme of human society, it runs through human life activities. In the context of globalization, the influx of Western consumerism has brought about significant changes in people's consumption concepts and behaviors. College students are the builders and successors of the socialist cause in the future. As a special consumer group, their consumption concept is not only influenced by the social consumption concept, but also has an important impact on the social consumption concept to a certain extent. Through the research on the current situation of contemporary college students ’consumption concept, we should highlight the bad consumption tendency in college students’ consumption concept based on fully affirming that the university ’s physiological consumption concept is mainstream, and analyze the specific reasons for the existence of bad consumption trends in college student consumption concept. , So as to actively explore effective ways to construct college students' correct consumption concept. The study of college students' consumption concept is of great significance. It is not only conducive to advancing with the times of ideological and political education activities, promoting the healthy growth and overall development of college students, but also conducive to the construction of harmonious campus and harmonious society.


Internet age, Consumption concepts, College students