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Construction of Online Teaching Quality Evaluation System for Application-Oriented Undergraduate Colleges in Epidemic Period

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.038


Chunyan Ma, Yan Xu

Corresponding Author

Chunyan Ma


Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, universities around the world postponed the school term. Some colleges and universities in the world require the implementation and guarantee of online teaching during the period of epidemic prevention and control, so as to realize “no suspension of classes”. In this context, the development of large-scale online teaching network, facing many challenges, but also ushered in a rare opportunity. In addition, in the era of Internet plus, internet teaching has been integrated into the teaching of colleges and universities, and even into primary school and secondary school. In the face of the rapid replacement of education methods in the Internet era, the research on academic evaluation is far from satisfactory. In this paper, through the method of literature analysis, the journal papers and master's theses about academic evaluation from 1999 to now are sorted out, and the research trend and content are analyzed. In view of the shortcomings of domestic academic evaluation and the future development trend of academic evaluation in the Internet era, this paper puts forward that hybrid academic evaluation is a new way to solve the problem and a new trend of academic evaluation reform in the internet era. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic line teaching mode is discussed in principle, which provides reference for the implementation of stable, orderly and efficient online teaching mode.


Coronavirus, Online evaluation system, Undergraduate colleges, Epidemic period