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Thinking Transformation of TV Media under the Background of "Internet plus"

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.032


Lijiaxiu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lijiaxiu Zhang


As an important kind of TV media, TV media has always had unique advantages in TV media and is favoured by many advertisers. However, in such a severe media environment, we have to change our ideas. The "Internet plus" plan means the combination of the Internet and traditional industries. It is the country's macro-strategic measure for the transformation and upgrading of television media. This strategy calls for the Internet to influence, drive and change traditional industries. Therefore, based on the above background, the focus of this article is precisely the specific operation path of "Internet plus TV Media". As Internet technology and products and their future development are undergoing rapid changes, there are many possibilities to explore. The development of "Internet plus" platform has become the only way for traditional media.


"Internet plus", Television media, Thinking transformation