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On the Application of Vocal Singing Skills in Chorus Training

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.028


Pengcheng Zhao

Corresponding Author

Pengcheng Zhao


Chorus is one of the most important forms of vocal music. Because of its strong participation, chorus members have very high requirements on pronunciation, tone and rhythm. Chorus members in vocal chorus must be good at singing at the same time, but also ensure that they can follow the base of the whole chorus. Vocal skills are an important part of chorus art, and the level of singers' vocal skills will directly affect the chorus effect. In chorus performance, the singer's vocal skill determines the effect of artistic expression. Excellent vocal skills can arouse the resonance between the audience and the singer, and achieve the ultimate goal of song creation. Through the analysis of vocal singing skills in chorus, this paper explores the application value of vocal singing skills in chorus, and explores the corresponding application strategies in combination with practice, in order to help improve the art level of chorus.


Chorus, Vocal music art, Singing skills