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Research on the Situation of College Students' Physical Health and the Trend of College Physical Education Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.027


Zhaoyong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhaoyong Zhang


With the development of social education background, China's colleges and universities have made continuous reform attempts in teaching guiding ideology, teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching methods and evaluation system. According to the actual situation of the University, each university has carried out different forms of reform and exploration. After several years of reform, how is the health of college students? How to deepen the next step of teaching reform according to the physical health of college students? For this reason, we have carried on the sampling survey to the physical health condition of the college students in Liaoning Province, aiming at analyzing the problems existing in the college physical education from the perspective of the physical health of the college students, and exploring the measures to improve the physical health level of the college students, so as to provide a reference for the physical education reform of the college.


Physical health, Physical education, Reform trend