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Research on Optimization of Innovative Development Path of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Complex Adaptive System

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.026


Zhuqing Yu

Corresponding Author

Zhuqing Yu


The theory of complex adaptive system is of general methodological significance to various disciplines, including educational science. The teaching process of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities is a complex and dynamic process, and the teaching design must focus on the uncertain and nonlinear relationship among various elements in the teaching. Starting from the spatial dimension, we should ensure the coordination of educational objectives, educational methods, educational evaluation and implementation environment. Setting up difficult and controversial links to realize disorderly and orderly transformation; Transmitting effective teaching information is helpful for students to identify and choose. Use the art of teaching language to attract students to concentrate. Based on the complex adaptive system, this paper describes the innovation and development opportunities of ideological and political education in various aspects, hoping to provide some help and reference for the development of education in our country.


Complex adaptive system theory, Ideological and political education in colleges and universities, Innovative development, Path