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Research on School-enterprise Co-construction of Hotel English Curriculum under the Background of Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.022


Ji Xiao

Corresponding Author

Ji Xiao


In order to meet the needs of the hotel industry for high-quality and high-level talents and improve the employment competitiveness of students, higher vocational colleges have set up hotel professional English courses for tourism-related majors. However, the teaching effect is very little, and the students still say that English is the biggest obstacle when they go to work. Higher vocational colleges need to continuously deepen the cooperation between schools, colleges and enterprises, explore special specialties, and carry out various forms of cooperation with local industries. Through measures such as modern apprenticeship system, new enterprise apprenticeship system and joint construction of industrial colleges, the cooperation effect should be continuously deepened to improve the quality of training high-skilled talents. This study analyzes the current situation of hotel English teaching in higher vocational colleges, finds out the main problems and finds out the improvement methods. After careful analysis of the existing problems, the author puts forward his own suggestions and opinions on the improvement.


Information background, Hotel English program, School-enterprise cooperation