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Research on the Reform and Innovation Path of Campus Football Teaching in Normal Universities Based on Cooperation Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.019


Zhiliang Jia, Xuan Liu

Corresponding Author

Xuan Liu


Football is a highly spread sport in our country, which is widely welcomed by the public and is an important part of physical education. As a multi-player sport, football requires not only enthusiasm but also professional basic knowledge and skills. In the context of deepening the reform of the education system, there are related problems in many aspects such as football education resources and teaching methods, which will affect the sustainable development of football teaching to varying degrees. As a sport which aims at attacking the goal of the other side, football mainly tests the players' footwork and skills. Based on the perspective of cooperation ability, this paper discusses the situation before and after the reform of football education in physical education, as well as how to innovate the campus Football Teaching in normal universities. In the environment of football teaching reform, we must innovate the traditional teaching concept, innovate the diversified teaching methods, and provide perfect environment for football teaching.


Campus football, Teaching reform, Innovation