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Discussion on the Design and Application of “Flipped Classroom” Teaching Mode Anatomy

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.018


Wei Huang, Lili Sun

Corresponding Author

Lili Sun


Flipped classroom, as a new teaching mode, has changed the role of teachers and students and realized the reform of traditional teaching mode by reversing the traditional classroom knowledge transfer and knowledge internalization. Anatomy is an early basic course for medical students to learn the morphology and structure of normal human organs by observing specimens, so experimental teaching plays an important role. Flipped classroom has been successfully used in some medical teaching activities, and it is expected to improve the teaching status of anatomy experiment class from the aspects of role exchange between teachers and students, classroom time re planning, and students' enthusiasm. As a new curriculum concept, the teaching mode of Flipped Classroom has changed the teaching concept, and students have gradually changed from object to subject. This paper analyzes the advantages of implementing Flipped Classroom in anatomy teaching compared with the traditional classroom, and the methods and paths that have been implemented, providing thinking and reference for implementing Flipped Classroom in anatomy teaching.


Flipped classroom, Anatomy, Teaching concept