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Research on Cost Management and Control Method of Civil Engineering Construction Cost Based on Value Chain Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.016


Yu Lei

Corresponding Author

Yu Lei


The construction industry is a pillar industry in our country and plays a very important role in the national economy. Each value activity in the value chain has an important impact on the overall efficiency of the enterprise, and each value activity is a point of interest to increase the efficiency of the enterprise. In the new era, the control of construction cost still needs to be closely combined with the relevant theories of value chain, make full use of the relevant ideas and methods of value chain, and put forward new cost control ideas related to the actual situation of enterprises, so as to lay a foundation for better realizing the cost control of enterprises. The cost management method based on the value chain theory provides a new way to solve the cost management problem of construction enterprises in China. Based on the introduction of the theory of value chain, this paper puts forward the common defects of construction cost management in China, then analyzes the relationship between value chain and cost control, and finally analyzes the outstanding contribution of value chain in construction cost management.


Construction, Cost management, Value chain