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Analysis of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Based on the Environment of Media Convergence

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.011


Zhiqiang Li, Binbin Fang

Corresponding Author

Zhiqiang Li


At present, college students are facing a severe employment situation and are under great pressure of employment. In order to effectively alleviate the employment pressure of university students and encourage them to actively innovate and start their own businesses. Universities in China pay more and more attention to strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship education. Promoting the level of innovation and entrepreneurship education to achieve a substantial improvement. This paper briefly describes the meaning of financial media, analyzes the role of media convergence in the innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students, and explores the strategies of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship education based on the media environment, hoping to provide reference for students' innovative education.


Media convergence, college students, innovation and entrepreneurship education