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An Analysis of the Application of Reflective Materials in Traffic Safety Clothing for Primary School Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.068


Guanju Wang, Yi Ren, Zuojun Yu

Corresponding Author

Zuojun Yu


Primary school students are particularly a vulnerable group in road traffic because of their height and mental immaturity. This paper analyses the design process of one type of traffic safety clothing that meets the physical and psychological needs of children through summarizing the traffic behaviours of primary school students. Through the analysis of the coverage percentage of reflective materials, this design can improve the probability for primary school students to be seen by drivers, increase the time span for drivers to make responses, reduce the traffic accidents and unnecessary injuries of primary school students, and provide relevant suggestions for such kind of practical fashion design.


Primary school students, Traffic safety clothing, Traffic behaviours, Reflective material