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Study on the Calculation of Vacuum Temperature Field of Dual Redundancy Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.065


Zhao Li

Corresponding Author

Zhao Li


This paper introduces a kind of low thermal coupling non electromagnetic coupling dual redundancy permanent magnet synchronous motor Through the finite element analysis of two-dimensional electromagnetic field, the copper loss of stator winding, the iron loss of big teeth, small teeth and yoke of stator core, and the eddy current loss of permanent magnet and sheath are obtained, and their heat generation rate is calculated. According to the theory of heat transfer, the thermal conductivity and surface heat transfer coefficient of each component of motor are determined, and the refined modeling of stator winding coil is carried out, and the three-dimensional motor is established Based on the temperature field model, the three-dimensional global steady-state temperature distribution of the motor under rated condition is obtained by finite element analysis. When one set of winding has single-phase short circuit fault and the other set of winding works separately, the maximum temperature difference between the fault phase winding and the working winding is 7.1, the results show that the thermal coupling between the phase windings is relatively low. When two sets of windings work at the same time, the error between the analysis result and the experimental result of the highest temperature of the shell surface is 4.5%, which proves the validity of the analysis method


Double redundancy, Permanent magnet synchronous motor, Three dimensional temperature field, Loss