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Computer Network Security Analysis Based on Security Fault Tree Method

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.063


Meilian Li

Corresponding Author

Meilian Li


This paper is a network security situation assessment method based on fault tree analysis. First, the largest multi-step attack sequence excavated is evidence, and then multiple pieces of evidence are fused through a synthetic formula to accurately assess the host's situation risk value. Then, the threat value and importance of each host in the network are used to calculate the risk value of the entire network situation. Finally, experiments prove that this method can accurately evaluate the network situation. Combined with computer visualization technology, a visual analysis system for the conveyor belt run-out fault tree is established quickly and accurately, and corresponding qualitative and quantitative analysis is performed. To strengthen the mastery of the network security situation, and constantly adjust the plan, make the network management more targeted, and can improve the complete diagnosis efficiency of the network


Security fault tree, Computer, Network security