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Digital Image Processing Technology and Application in Matlab

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.062


Yujie Wang, Yaoting Wu, Nana Zhou, Gang Wang, You Chen, Yonghang Tian, Suping Feng

Corresponding Author

Guangcai Zhang


Digital Image Processing (DIP) is one of the key technologies in robot vision, at the beginning of this paper the definition of digital image and its fundamental type are introduced briefly, then some common methods of DIP are summarized in detail, its relative merits and applications are concisely described. Next the advantage in image processing of MATLAB is discussed, its practical application is summarized by technology field and its arithmetic or the system is evaluated shortly. In the end conclude the paper and put forward to a DIP system based on MATLAB, preparing for robots vision calculation


Edible oil, Fatty acid, saturated fatty acid, unsaturated fatty acid