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Design and Application of Operation and Maintenance Information System Based on Hydropower Station Production Data Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.058


Zhao Yuzhong, Tian Ronghai, Tang Mingliang, Qiu Mianqian, Chen Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhao Yuzhong


With the progress of society, people's lives have gradually become more and more shadowy by electric power equipment, which has greatly improved people's living standards. Unlike mature automation systems such as monitoring, protection and dispatching, online monitoring system is an automation system in the development stage. In addition to each automation system realizing its own function according to its function design, a large amount of collected data has not been fully applied. Through the application program deployed on the interface server, the real-time data of computer monitoring, water regulation automation system, dam online monitoring, unit status online monitoring, relay protection online monitoring and other systems are connected to the PI database server for storage. The monitoring computer and the data management computer are physically interconnected through Ethernet, and the data management computer can obtain all information that the monitoring computer can obtain through OPC point-to-point communication. It ensures the safe and stable operation of the real-time information platform and provides guarantee for the safe production of the power plant


Hydropower station, Data platform, Operation and maintenance, Information system