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Analysis and Evaluation of Safety Risks in Operation and Maintenance of Hydropower Station Groups Based on Real-Time Data Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.057


Wu Xiaodong, Zhang Wenyuan, Tang Shan, Dai Jianjun, Xu Tao

Corresponding Author

Wu Xiaodong


Equipment operation and maintenance is one of the important contents of hydropower station production management. Its management level directly determines the safe production and economic benefits of hydropower enterprises. How to manage power production in a complex market environment in order to obtain the most satisfactory benefits is an urgent research topic for power enterprises. Real-time data analysis adopts advanced equipment and computer monitoring system to carry out centralized and unified management of hydropower stations in the basin. The goal is to realize “no one on duty, few people on duty” of hydropower stations and realize safe, efficient and economic operation of hydropower enterprises. Based on real-time data, the hydropower station operation and maintenance assistant decision-making system will mainly realize the functions of real-time monitoring and evaluation of hydropower status, trend early warning, fault diagnosis, maintenance assistant decision-making and so on. A set of efficient and stable large data acquisition, monitoring, management, analysis and service system for hydropower stations has been established, thus providing guarantee for safe, reliable, economical and efficient operation of hydropower stations


Real-time data analysis, Hydropower stations, Operation and maintenance, Security risks, Assessment