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Research on Key Technologies of Content-based Video Retrieval

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.054


Xiu Hu

Corresponding Author

Xiu Hu


How to achieve fast, effective and convenient query retrieval has gradually become a highly popular research topic in the field of video research. It is difficult for video to express its features in precise language, because its data has rich information, so the traditional method of manually inputting the attributes of video elements has great disadvantages. Under such circumstances, video content features and video retrieval techniques that can be automatically extracted by computers have become an urgent issue to be solved. In recent years, the rapid development of content-based video retrieval technology has been able to meet the requirements of the query plan, which is mainly divided into shot detection, key frame extraction, video matching, video retrieval and other steps, according to different retrieval targets, extract video The key frames and features of the system can achieve the purpose of fast retrieval


Video retrieval, Content based technology, Key levels