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Control Strategy Research of Ac-Dc-Ac Continuous Cophase Power Supply System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.053


Li Chen

Corresponding Author

Li Chen


Aiming at the problems of power quality and phase separation in the current electrified railway power supply system, in response to the trend of high-speed and heavy-duty railways, a new type of continuous in-phase power supply system based on three-phase-single-phase intersection and orthogonality is proposed. The rectifier side of this in-phase power supply mode uses a three-phase bridge-type controllable rectifier circuit, and the inverter side uses a single-phase full-bridge SPWM converter. Double closed-loop control of voltage effective value and instantaneous value can suppress the negative influence of DC voltage fluctuation of uncontrolled rectifier circuit on AC voltage on inverter side, and provide stable voltage support for locomotive load. The power supply performance of the system under the condition of a single substation and multiple interconnections is analyzed, and a system model is established on the Matlab / Simulink platform. Simulation results verify the correctness and feasibility of the scheme


Power quality, Phase separation, In-phase power supply, Spwm