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The Effect of Feedback in Thermal Spontaneous Combustion

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.048


Yong Duan

Corresponding Author

Yong Duan


In this paper, through the detailed analysis of the theory of thermal spontaneous combustion, the sufficient and necessary conditions for ignition in the cylinder of internal combustion engine are found out. Through the analysis of the three position relations between the reaction heat curve and the heat transfer curve, it can be concluded that the positive feedback is the necessary and sufficient condition for ignition. When the reaction heat curve intersects with the heat transfer curve, one intersection is the negative feedback attractor, and the other intersection is the critical ignition temperature. The analyses of these two intersections are not correct in many books. When the reaction heat curve is tangent to the heat transfer curve, the vessel wall temperature is the spontaneous combustion temperature. Feedback plays an important role in many working processes of internal combustion engine


Keywords: Internal combustion engine, Feedback, Thermal spontaneous combustion theory, Spontaneous combustion temperature